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This forum supports questions for the default backup utility in Windows Vista, Server 2008 and beyond. For questions on NTBackup or Windows Server 2003/XP, please use the “File services and storage" forum.

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm using Windows Server Backup on a Windows Server 2012 R2 system that has been in production for half a year or so.  The server has around 60GB used, and the backup drive is a 160GB external drive that I had sitting around and put it in place until they can afford a larger external drive.  The setup has been working great, and just yesterday when I opened the Windows Server Backup utility, I noticed that all backups have been successful and there were well over 100 backups available.  The external hard drive was showing "in the red" for space available, about 15GB free or so if I remember right.  But that's fine, since I understand that Windows Server Backup should delete the oldest backup available.

    ...OR...you know, it deletes everything.  So I log in today, and what do you know?  60ish GB used on the external drive, so plenty of free space.  But only 1 copy available.  Is...like...am I missing something?  Is that how it's supposed to work when the drive gets full?  I was under the impression it would delete files from the oldest snapshot and create a new backup.  Or delete several old snapshots.

    Did something happen in a recent Windows update?  Any way to fix it?  In my little bit of searching before this, I found that some others have had experiences with at least Server 2008 where Windows Server Backup would all the sudden only keep 1 copy.  So I guess I'll know tomorrow whether or not that's happening to me; whether I see "1 copy available" again, or "2 copies available".

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

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    When working with VSS following problem arises.
    We create a persistent snapshot of disk volume (e.g. vshadow -p -script=snapshot.cmd f:). Creation is successful and snapshot is visible (vshadow -q). Then we restart the computer. After rebooting the snapshot is still visible, but it is not possible to perform the operation expose (e.g. vshadow.exe –el=%SHADOW_ID_1%, "c:\test1" returns an error). Snapshot removal performed without errors.

    VSHADOW.EXE 3.0 - Volume Shadow Copy sample client.
    Copyright (C) 2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    (Option: Expose a shadow copy)
    - Setting the VSS context to: 0xffffffff
    - Exposing shadow copy {865abd59-ddbd-46b0-aae8-cfd350b85862} under the path 'c: \ test1'
    - Checking if 'c: \ test1 \' is a valid empty directory ...

    ERROR: COM call "m_pVssObject-> ExposeSnapshot (snapshotID, NULL, VSS_VOLSNAP_ATTR_EXPOSED_LOCALLY, (VSS_PWSZ) path.c_str ()
    , & PwszExposed) "failed.
    - Returned HRESULT = 0x80042302
    - Error text: VSS_E_UNEXPECTED
    - Please re-run VSHADOW.EXE with the / tracing option to get more details

    Without rebooting the snapshot creation and exposing work without errors.
    Testing was done on Windows 2012 on a few VSS hardware providers.

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    Can some help me to fix Open SSL Issue in Windows server 2008 R2 CVE-2014-0224 , Please advice

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    I have a 2008 R2 Server with 2 active NIC's. One connect to a public network The 2nd NIC is connected to the work network with In network places the server see's PC's from both network segment, but does not see all of them. Another PC that manages the public pc reservations and is connected the same way can see all 25 PC's.

    My questions is how do I get the server to see all 25 PC's/


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  • 11/17/14--19:06: server 2003 backup
  • i search from the internet and find some recommendation for server 2003 backup solution, i wonder which is better. the only requirment is userfriendly, and cheap of course. i am not intend to put too much energy into this. i know Acronis, Aomei and macrium, they seem good. are they? is there a possibity to get free edtion for server?

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    My Docs server (2012 R2) I have created a 50GB partition to store shadow copies from another local drive where the data is hosted. In shadow copy settings I have set maximum size to "no limit" and have schedules 6 times a day. This all works fine giving me currently 63 restore points. Problem is 63 shadow copies seems to be the limit. I want shadow copies to utilise the wrest of the drive (45Gb)but it doesn't. It stays at around 5GB of usage

    Would anyone have any suggestions on why this is happening?


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    I've started having issues with WSB on a Windows Server 2012 R2 virtual DC.  I had been using WSB full server backups to local disk without issue for probably 8 months or more.  Recently I noticed that the CPU utilization on the server was stuck around 100%, and it was the Virtual Disk service (vds.exe) using all the CPU.

    During troubleshooting I found through VSSAdmin that I had more than one writer in the "Waiting for completion" state.  After some searching I found a suggestion to restart the Cryptographic Services service and that seemed to work.  CPU utilization and server performance went back to normal.  I hoped that'd be the end of it—it wasn't.  The issue returned the next day, and this time restarting the cryptographic service did nothing.  I tried restarting the Block Level Backup Engine service because it was stuck running and that also did nothing.  I also tried not backing-up the System State, and that didn't help.  I've had to restart the server each morning to resolve the issue, so I have stopped the backups until I find a solution.  Has anyone else experienced this behavior?


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    I've got a weird issue that has been affecting us for a while. After running updates on the various servers that we have. It appears that if an update is applied and the servers rebooted whilst a backup is underway, the backup will fail - as expected - but future backups will then fail with 

    XXXXXVM - The Specified Component was not reported by the VSS Writer 

    The error within Event Viewer is :- 

    The backup operation that started at '‎2014‎-‎11‎-‎20T00:46:18.510365400Z' has failed with following error code '0x80780049' (None of the items included in backup were backed up.). Please review the event details for a solution, and then rerun the backup operation once the issue is resolved.

    The backup will then fail constantly, until the backup is stopped fully and then recreated, this is obviously not ideal in the slightest, especially with servers that have daily backup drives that then need to be added.

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    "Backup Operators" are to supposed to have the ability to restore any file on the server.

    Our backup software mounts a snapshot of a volume and we can access the files.  However when we try to copy the files to the original location, we may not have access to the directory.  We have to add permissions and go through a hassle.

    So what does it take to use this "Backup Operators" group and enable files to be restored?

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    Recently we installed the windows 2012 R2 with role hyper-v & failover cluster services in our new server.

    Also downloading and installing the all recently windows updating.

    Everything seen is fine.

    But when we try to do the backup using Wbadmin on this new server, it will got issue.Refer to below :

    1) if i only backup the C driver (OS installed driver) & system state only, it will backup successfully & quickly.

    2) But if i backup the system including the EFI system partion, it will take about 12 hours to finish the backup. The backup always be running in status : Backup in process for EFI system partion. and theData transfer always is ZERO. But if it begin to transfer ,it will finish it quickly.

    I try to post the picture, but the forums will remind me *Body text cannot contain images or links until we are able to verify your account*.


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    Hi all,

    we have two backup disks e: and f:

    • e: is used for weekly backups, 40GB total size, 4.895.141.888 bytes free
    • f: is used for daily backups, 100GB, 51.933.102.080 bytes free

    Now in total we get only 5 backup versions /shadow copies. One located on drive e: and four located on drive f:

    While I can understand the 1/8 rule for drive e:, I can not understand this for drive f:?

    Maximum Shadow Copy Storage space: UNBOUNDED (100%) for both drives.

    Why is WSB not using the  51.933.102.080 bytes free space on drive f: to create more shadow copies?

    Shadow Copy Storage association
       For volume: (F:)\\?\Volume{502f9d83-eee4-11e2-a783-d89d671af684}\
       Shadow Copy Storage volume: (F:)\\?\Volume{502f9d83-eee4-11e2-a783-d89d671af684}\
       Used Shadow Copy Storage space: 10.984 GB (11%)
       Allocated Shadow Copy Storage space: 11.518 GB (11%)
       Maximum Shadow Copy Storage space: UNBOUNDED (100%)

    Any hints?

    Many thanks in advance.


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      I'm using wbadmin on six Windows Server 2008 R2 Std file servers; the data goes to a USB drive attached to each server.  At the start of the first scheduled backup after a file server is restarted for any reason (such as WSUS last night) the status of the wbadmin job shows "preparing media to store backups" and moves no data for about 30-35 minutes.  The USB drive being used has not been switched out. 

      All six of my file servers using wbadmin do this, every time they are restarted.  They do not show this behavior at any other time. 

      I'm not as concerned about this occurring on these file servers as I am about the possiblity that this long delay may be causing or contiobuting to some problems I'm having with DPM and Hyper-V vms on a cluster.  Which log would show this, if any, since it is a status, not an error event with an ID? 

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     I am using wbadmin for backing up virtual machines. Since one of the machines was big but contained some data which were not intended to be backed up(like test databases) we decided to attach another VHDX and move this type of data onto it.

     The rest is intended for backup. This leads to problem - I cannot find way how to backup Hyper-v guest but exclude one VHD. Is it somehow possible?

    Thank you.



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     I am trying to invoke commands from powershell, especially the diskpart and do some operations. I am trying to use this:

    "C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe" Invoke-Command -ComputerName "machinename" -ScriptBlock {"select disk 2", "online disk" | diskpart}

    but keep getting this:

    'diskpart.exe}' is not recognized as an internal or external command...

    I also tried with full path to diskpart but I get this:

    'C:\windows\system32\diskpart.exe}' is not recognized as an internal or external command...

    can you help me with that? I would use powershell directly but the system is Server 2008 R2 where storage modules are not present..

    execution policy is set to unrestricted

    Thank you.



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    how can i copy the windows backup file with incremental copies as i try to copy the running backup but it copied only one copy.


    Shujaath Ahmed

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    Is it shadow copy full "point in time" backup?

    Example: I can made 10 shadow copy per day for my d: volume on e: as shadow storage. If I restore any of this shadows to certain time, this will restore entire d: volume to that exact time?


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    Firstly backup fails , backup drive is alive and well and attached to the server -

    Error message says one or more selected items not included in server backup ?

    Have been thru the suggestions and there is nothing in the backup inclusions that I can see that is not mean't to be there.

    Have noticed that in Program Files (X86) intel/asc/erlang/lib there is 75GB data in there ?

    Have several other servers running and they show 7-10gb in total in the same spot and wonder if this has something to do with the failure, or what these files actually do or how to reduce them.

    The C:\ drive at this point is below 20gb free space could this cause it to fail.

    AS if I run a disk cleanup and get the drive back to 21 or 22gb free space the backup will complete.


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    I've been chasing my tail the last few days trying to figure this out... help!

    I'm am using Windows Server 2012 R2, as a domain controller....

    I'm trying to set up a scheduled backup to complete once daily, at 9pm. I have gone through the wizard to set this up, and I have a Seagate NAS as the backup location. ie "\\nas ip address\backups"

    Once I select the location, it prompts me for the user/pass for the NAS. Great, no problem. I enter it, and then it takes me to the "Confirmation" tab/page in the wizard.

    When I hit "Finish", it shows the green scrolling status bar, and after about 10 seconds I get a popup warning of "the task XML contains a value which is incorrectly formatted or out of range".


    I've tried al sorts of things, but I'm still stuck. I'm not trying to create the backup in powershell, or anything like that. I'm not doing a "full" backup, just certain selected folders, .... why would I be getting this error???

    FYI "Backup Once" starts to do the backup, then fails with the status "Backup failed to complete. An error occurred while writing to the backup target. Detailed error: The Parameter is incorrect." WHY?

    The NAS drive is fully accessible, I know I have the right un/pass, etc etc...

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Host Server, 2012 R2 Data Center (latest updates)

    Virtual Machine, 2012 R2 Essentials (latest updates)

    Problem occurs when attempting to do (either in WSB GUI or PowerShell) "child VM snapshot" backup and fails with Backup Event ID 521, "A Volume Shadow Copy Service operation failed. Please check "VSS" and "SPP" application event logs for more information.  Detailed error: The operation ended before completion."

    JobType          : Backup
    StartTime        : 11/24/2014 10:52 PM
    EndTime          : 11/24/2014 10:52 PM
    JobState         : Completed
    CurrentOperation :
    HResult          : 807800A1
    DetailedHResult  : 8078001D

    Integration Services are... integrated and the VM has the necessary components.  However, it just does not make the VSS snapshot, it sits for a few seconds and terminates with the above error and the following event logged:

    - System
      - Provider
       [ Name]  Microsoft-Windows-Backup
       [ Guid]  {1DB28F2E-8F80-4027-8C5A-A11F7F10F62D}

       EventID 521
       Version 2
       Level 2
       Task 0
       Opcode 0
       Keywords 0x8000000000000000

      - TimeCreated
       [ SystemTime]  2014-11-25T04:52:40.567308700Z
       EventRecordID 4850

      - Execution
       [ ProcessID]  4848
       [ ThreadID]  5016
       Channel Application
       Computer thehostcomputername
      - Security
       [ UserID]  S-1-5-18
      - EventData

      BackupTime 2014-11-25T04:52:35.410000000Z
      ErrorCode 0x807800a1
      ErrorMessage %%2155348129

    The following is the script I use to build the backup job:

    # Windows Server Backup - PowerShell
    # FileSpec for VM
    #$VMFile = New-WBFileSpec -FileSpec 'F:\HyperVMs\VM\VM-001\vm001.vhdx'
    #get VM Host Components
    $VMHostComponent = Get-WBVirtualMachine | ?{$_.VMName -eq 'Host Component'}
    #get VM object for backup
    $VMTarget = Get-WBVirtualMachine | ?{$_.VMName -eq 'VM-001'}
    #Set Backup Disk
    $WBDisk = Get-WBDisk | ?{$_.DiskNumber -eq '4'}
    #create backup target
    $BackupTarget = New-WBBackupTarget -Disk $WBDisk -PreserveExistingBackups $true
    #Create a policy
    $WBPolicy = New-WBPolicy
    #Set Schedule
    Set-WBSchedule -Policy $WBPolicy -Schedule 06:00 #6am
    #add backup target to policy
    Add-WBBackupTarget -Policy $WBPolicy -Target $BackupTarget -Force
    #add vms to policy
    Add-WBVirtualMachine -Policy $WBPolicy -VirtualMachine $VMTarget
    Add-WBVirtualMachine -Policy $WBPolicy -VirtualMachine $VMHostComponent
    #adjust policy for VSS FullBackup
    Set-WBVssBackupOptions -Policy $WBPolicy -VssFullBackup
    #add filespec to policy
    #Add-WBFileSpec -Policy $WBPolicy $VMFile
    #set policy
    Set-WBPolicy -Policy $WBPolicy
    #start backup
    Start-WBBackup -Policy $WBPolicy

    I've remarked using FileSpec from the above script, which oddly enough actually works when enabled and commenting out the actual virtual machine addition to the policy.. which I thought was suppose to do the 'hot backup' or child vm snapshot.

    Just a couple notes, the virtual disk is a differencing disk placed in a separate volume from the parenting vhd.  Is this a problem?  It doesn't seem to be one when I use FileSpec and grab the VM without the use of integration services.  I can actually watch the host build the temporary snapshot of the volume which retains the differencing VHD and when the backup is complete it is removed.

    It is just trying to get integration services to make the hot backup causing problems.  Am I missing something from the policy or is there something obscure in the VM that needs to be checked?  I looked at the volumes within the virtual machine, and there is plenty of space available for VSS and the hosting volume does too...

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    I would like to install the Microsoft Backup feature to an existing two node cluster. My question is should I install the Backup feature to each node or to the virtual cluster host machine?

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