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This forum supports questions for the default backup utility in Windows Vista, Server 2008 and beyond. For questions on NTBackup or Windows Server 2003/XP, please use the “File services and storage" forum.

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  • 03/19/15--04:15: Windows server backup
  • Hi team,

    in 2003 server there was a backup utility called ntbackup, with this utility we can configure incremental differential and full backup of files and folders, but in 2008 R2/2012 i coundnt find any such option to run incremental backup using windows server backup, is there any way to configure  incremental and differential  backup ? 

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    I have two Windows Server 2008 R2 systems which I am backing up with the native WSB utility.  Both are VMs under ESXi 5.5 on the same physical Dell R710 host.  Each has its own 2 TB USB connected device which was dedicated to and formated by and for WSB.  Both complete their respective backups without error and have been up for months.

    On system A, WSB reports there are 243 copies available and examining the drive shows there is 288 GB free of the 1.81 TB total.

    On system B, WSB reports there are 11 copies available and examining the drive shows there is 1.33 TB free of the 1.81 TB total.

    My question is, why doesn't system B leverage a similar amount of the drive?

    Thank you for any ideas!



    Newark IT Guy...

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    Hi All,

    We've a scheduled backup for windows system state backup which is scheduled to run on every morning at 9:30 AM, the backup is not starting. showing error message as "Removing Deleted Items"

    Can anyone help regarding this Please.



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    I am experiencing problems with Hyper-V backups on one of our VMs which has the Oracle application installed.  I use DPM 2012 R2 but have also tried this with Windows backup which fails as well (hence posting it to this forum).  The Oracle VSS Writer is not installed on the server and the VSS writers which fail (timeout) are the following:

    System Writer

    ASR Writer

    Shadow Copy Optimization Writer

    WMI Writer

    Registry Writer

    IIS Config Writer

    COM+ REGDB Writer

    After initial investigation I have discovered that when the customer runs a script to stop the Oracle processes / services it seems that the WLS_Reports service / processes are causing the problem as when stopped by the script the backups run successfully but when running the backups fail and the above VSS writers timeout (further errors in the thread posted in the DPM forum linked at the bottom of this).  

    I have also noticed that when I stop the Hyper-V Volume Shadow Copy Requestor the backup runs successfully but connectivity to the server briefly times out which is not an ideal solution.

    When the backups fail I get 2 errors in the application log on the VM:

    Event Id 12293, VSS - Error calling a routine on a shadow copy provider {GUID for the Hyper-V IC Software Shadow Copy Provider}.  Routine details PreFinalCommitSnapshots ({GUID}, 5) [hr = 0x800705b4, This operation returned because the timeout period expired.]

    Event Id 19, vmicvss - Not all the shadow volumes arrived in the guest operating system.

    I also get other errors and symptoms which I have posted in the DPM forum here: Backup fails for a Hyper-V guest with VSS Writer failures using DPM 2012 R2 - Hyper-V guest has Oracle application installed

    I know that the fact this server experienced no problems with backups before Oracle was installed and is successful when the WLS_Reports service is stopped would lead people to assume that the cause is related to the Oracle service but I need to know if there is anything from a Windows / Microsoft point of view that I need to be aware of which will help me resolve this issue.  



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    Hello guys,

    I have a 4 node Windows 2012 R2 server cluster, that is used for virtualization. I am running nearly 18 virtual machines.

    We have 4 LUNs presented to the cluster: 3 CSV Volumes (2x1TB and 1x730GB) and 1 Quorum Disk (1GB).

    We have implemented Acronis Backup Advanced for Hyper-V, but we have critical issues with the Backups. The top of the iceberg was a crash of all nodes on the 17.02.2014 just after 18:00 when the backup rotation starts. The evening backups are incremental and are set to one machine at a time (only production machines, that are around 10) and each machine has a 1 hour window.

    We have read, that there was such problem with Windows 2012 and there was a fix, but it seems, the problem is not fixed in Windows 2012 R2 and there is no patch.

    We are running IBM server, that have latest drivers and firmware. We also installed latest patches during the 14-15.02.2014 weekend.

    We noticed that on 2 cluster, the events before the crash are start of VSS service and on the other 2 are start of VSS and then start of Acronis VSS. Additionally, we notice the following event 5120: "Cluster Shared Volume 'Volume1' ('Cluster Disk 1') has entered a paused state because of '(c000020c)'. All I/O will temporarily be queued until a path to the volume is reestablished." happening during backup rotation.

    You may find files with the events before the crash, the bug check events, CSV disk events and a dump analysis on the following link.

    It is crucial to understand, that when we run backup from within VMs, we do not receive and events of the type 5120 or any crashes. We have not tried to run through Windows Backup utility from hosts.

    Please, suggest solutions.

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    We have a 2012 R2 server that is acting as our backup server. I have Shadow Copies configured on the drive where the backups are located. That drive is shared out so that I can mount place backups there.

    If I browse to the share via the unc path and check the previous version they are listed. But when I am on the server and I check the drive for Previous Versions it says There are no previous versions available.

    Any help would be great.



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    I am running windows back up on a hyper-v windows 2008r2 machine and it failed this weekend.  The destination NAS drive had a physical failure and we replaced it.  I believe that will fix the issue, my problem is that I cannot find a definition for the error code (2155348081).  Below is the details:

    Log Name:      Microsoft-Windows-Backup
    Source:        Microsoft-Windows-Backup
    Date:          4/12/2015 9:00:25 PM
    Event ID:      19
    Task Category: None
    Level:         Error
    User:          DOMAIN-***\administrator
    Computer:      ***-APP2.Domain.***
    The backup operation attempted at '‎2015‎-‎04‎-‎13T04:00:25.715925400Z' has failed to start, error code '2155348081'. Please review the event details for a solution, and then rerun the backup operation once the issue is resolved.
    Event Xml:
    <Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event">
        <Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-Backup" Guid="{1DB28F2E-8F80-4027-8C5A-A11F7F10F62D}" />
        <TimeCreated SystemTime="2015-04-13T04:00:25.731520400Z" />
        <Correlation />
        <Execution ProcessID="6536" ThreadID="8728" />
        <Security UserID="S-1-5-21-1614895754-776561741-725345543-500" />
        <Data Name="HRESULT">2155348081</Data>
        <Data Name="BackupTime">2015-04-13T04:00:25.715925400Z</Data>
        <Data Name="BackupTarget">\\ix2-dl-10\Backups\Windows Server Backup\APP2</Data>
        <Data Name="BackupTime2">2015-04-13T04:00:25.715925400Z</Data>
        <Data Name="HRESULT2">2155348081</Data>
        <Data Name="NumOfVolumes">2</Data>
        <Data Name="VolumeNames">\\?\Volume{420a0573-f303-11e1-a01f-806e6f6e6963}\ C: </Data>


    Any incite would be greatly appreciated.


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  • 04/14/15--11:03: Help needed with robocopy
  • Hello all,

    Iam having a strange issue with robocopy and need some help to understand whats causing it.

    Iam using robocopy to copy some files to my backup server. Problem is that my backup server doesn't recognize them to create a "stub" file (kind of a pointer to the real file). But if i use xcopy %orig% %dest% /A /E /J  to copy the files all works good.

    Can anyone help me understanding whats the difference between them (in the background)? What options should i use on robocopy to make it similar to xcopy? Allready tried a few options and haven't made it work...



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  • 04/15/15--05:13: active directory restoration
  • Hi,
    i am take system state backup  form domain controller using windows server backup
    i want to restore it to the different hardware
    please give me steps to do that.

    Note: i a using windows server standrad 2008 R2

    thanks in advance

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    Good day,

     I need to get the installed feature "Windows-Server-Backup" status on many servers ranging between 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, and 2012 R2. I believe my best approach is powershell, I know the following below will work. What I need is to have it reference a serverlist, then pipe those results of the servers in that list into a csv or txt file. Any help would be great, I am working on methods to do this on my end as well and will update if I make head way.

    PS C:\> Import-Module ServerManager
    PS C:\> Get-WindowsFeature windows-server-backup  | Out-File C:\Temp\WindowsFeatures.txt

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    Hi All,

    We've a scheduled backup for windows system state backup which is scheduled to run on every morning at 9:30 AM, the backup is not starting. showing error message as "Removing Deleted Items"

    Can anyone help regarding this Please.



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    I am using ntdsutil to do a sysvol backup of my domain controller (Windows Server 2008 R2) as follows:

    create sysvol full \\fileserver02\onsitebackup\domcontroller01\ifm_01

    More Details:


    is a share on my Synology NAS

    I am running the command from an elevated command prompt.

    Following is what I get


    ifm: create sysvol full \\fileserver02\onsitebackup\domcontroller01\ifm_01
    Creating snapshot...
    Snapshot set {0f644b60-07d4-4a27-85e9-1fe129c29bd0} generated successfully.
    Snapshot {1eb950df-75ef-47ef-a096-2a652756895d} mounted as C:\$SNAP_201504191427
    Snapshot {1eb950df-75ef-47ef-a096-2a652756895d} is already mounted.
    Snapshot {1eb950df-75ef-47ef-a096-2a652756895d} is already mounted.
    Initiating DEFRAGMENTATION mode...
         Source Database: C:\$SNAP_201504191427_VOLUMEC$\Windows\NTDS\ntds.dit
         Target Database: \\fileserver02\onsitebackup\domcontroller01\ifm_01\Active

                      Defragmentation  Status (% complete)

              0    10   20   30   40   50   60   70   80   90  100

    Copying registry files...
    Copying \\fileserver02\onsitebackup\domcontroller01\ifm_01\registry\SYSTEM
    Copying \\fileserver02\onsitebackup\domcontroller01\ifm_01\registry\SECURITY
    Copying SYSVOL...
    Copying \\fileserver02\onsitebackup\domcontroller01\ifm_01\SYSVOL
    Copying \\fileserver02\onsitebackup\domcontroller01\ifm_01\SYSVOL\mespl.com.sg
    Copying \\fileserver02\onsitebackup\domcontroller01\ifm_01\SYSVOL\mespl.com.sg\P
    Copying \\fileserver02\onsitebackup\domcontroller01\ifm_01\SYSVOL\mespl.com.sg\P
    Copying \\fileserver02\onsitebackup\domcontroller01\ifm_01\SYSVOL\mespl.com.sg\P
     error 0x1(Incorrect function.)
     error 0x80070001(Incorrect function.)
     error 0x80070001(Incorrect function.)
     error 0x80070001(Incorrect function.)
    Snapshot {1eb950df-75ef-47ef-a096-2a652756895d} unmounted.


    Please help. Thanks!


    Caleb Suresh

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    I am backing up one of my virtual machines that's running on Hyper-V 2008 R2.  I am using Windows Backup software.  It does an incremental backup of the entire VM every night.  When I look at the backup location, it is creating two large files.  One is a VHD file and the other is a AVHD file.  Both are about 250 GB each.  I don't have any snapshots.  The VM itself has a 185 GB VHD file and no AVHD file.  Why is it creating an AVHD file as part of the backup?  What can I do to remove it?


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    We recently experienced a failure on our prime data server. Due to this failure our server needed to be restarted and this took about a half our. But that was only part of the problem of course: data loss, client with  no access, workers out of work and so on. It took the rest of our day to completely fix it.

    What brings me to the question:

    Is it possible to set up a second server witch is a shadow of the main and can it be configured to take over in case of a failure on the first?

    Is it best practice to go virtual or get a second physical one?

    We are running on server 2008R2 with a 2005 sql, the hardware is HP proliant DL380 G6.

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     I would like to know how to take the OS level backup on my Server 2012, In any case if my server crashes will I be able to recover my whole system including the software's installed in it from this backup.


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    I cant run system restore, which I believe will help me!!

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     I installed SQL Server 2014 in my server machine having Windows Server 2008 R2. But when I start the program after installation it made all application crashed like Adobe Acrobat, WinRAR etc, including SQL Server itself.

    An error message "APPCRASH" appears.

    Please suggest me the requirements to install SQL Server 2014 in a Server Machine with OS Win Server 2008 R2.


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    Hi Everybody,

    I have on my hyper-v failover cluster hosts the same error (server 2012 datac).
    All my writers are stable and no error.
    All updates and hotfixes I have found are installed (I think :P).
    When selecting the backup (volume snapshot) in settings of the vm's the backup fails.
    Settings of the VM under “management” select “Intergration Services“. Deselect “Backup (volume snapshot)“.

    When deselecting the box the backup will run and complete succesfully.
    However I still want to fix the issue and want to backup the vm's without the downtime.

    The error appears when running Windows server backup (WSB) and the 3rd party arcserve backup software.
    Also when going to properties of C:, shadowcopies, settings and pressing on the Details button.

    Error box:

    Failed to initialize the Details dialog for Volume C:\
    Error 0x80042306: The shadow copy provider had an error. Check the System and Application event logs for mote information.

    Does somebody have a fix for me?

    A while ago I posted another question but that down not work anymore:


    Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error DeviceIoControl(\\?\Volume{fc58b624-75ef-47bb-aea2-8ae71d91a50b} - 00000000000001B4,0x00530024,0000000000000000,0,0000004E554EA530,4096,[0]).  hr = 0x80070001, Incorrect function.

       Query diff areas on this volume

       Volume Name: C:\


    Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error DeviceIoControl(\\?\Volume{fc58b624-75ef-47bb-aea2-8ae71d91a50b} - 00000000000000D0,0x00530024,0000000000000000,0,00000089AC199A00,4096,[0]).  hr = 0x80070001, Incorrect function.

       Query diff areas on this volume

       Volume Name: F:\

    EVENT ID 8193:

    Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error calling routine RegSetValueExW(0x0000061c,(null),0,REG_BINARY,000000B66E25C850.72).  hr = 0x800703fa, Illegal operation attempted on a registry key that has been marked for deletion.

       Gather writers' status

       Writer Class Id: {41e12264-35d8-479b-8e5c-9b23d1dad37e}
       Writer Name: Cluster Database
       Writer Instance ID: {19c284da-7542-41a7-a5d0-84956ca53e61}

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    I ran DPM backups and got errors when i was tring to run system state, realised i get the error "System Writer is not found"in windows backup. I checked VSS admin list writers and system writer was not stated in output.

    I there after ran to google and tried to follow https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2009272?wa=wsignin1.0   however that didnot work because my event ID registered error ID 8193 which i as well googled and ended up on https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windowsserver/en-US/7b52f7c1-a783-409e-9af3-da64567676df/vss-error-8193?forum=winserverfiles

    But i didnot have any profilesthat had BAK extension or id in them. So now i am still stuck with tihis problem. Any help highly appreciated. 

    Herman Musoke

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    I am planning  to install the TFS 2012 on different drive location (as my default Installation drive not permit me for this as space limits) and Visual studio and SQL Server installed on C: (default installation drive).

    My question is, Will TFS installation cause any trouble while installing and configuring?

    Praj Dixit

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